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What is arrival meet greet assist at Nairobi Airport?

Arrival meet greet assist is a service that assists passengers on arrival at JKIA Nairobi airport get expedited and fast-tracked on priority through all arrival airport formalities. No queuing or making long lines through formalities such as covid-19 documentation screening by port health officials, visa processing at immigration, assisted to claim bags with a dedicated porter at baggage claim irrespective of number of bags you have. Assistance to screen bags at customs then escorted out of arrival terminal and handed over to the person waiting for you.   


What can I expect in the arrival meet greet assist service?

Passengers that book arrival meet greet assist expect to have a fast-tracked quickened and easy arrival process implying that they will use lesser time to finish all arrival formalities until they exit the arrival terminal.


I applied and paid for E-visa but haven’t received it within 48hours. Can I still travel?

This can happen, we advise
passengers to come with printed proof of payment of the Visa and our
agents will assist the way forward.


Can I reserve arrival meet greet assist service now then pay later?

Yes, it’s possible to reserve arrival meet greet assist earlier prior to arrival date and pay either upon service completion or via card. You can reserve for a friend, spouse or family member as well.


What are the requirements for booking arrival meet greet assist?

  1. Booking should be placed at least 24hours prior to arrival via our website or whats app to any of the two booking managers (Lucie or Mark). They will guide you on what details you need to issue.

2. Passengers need to fulfill all Kenya government immigration requirements such as having already successfully applied and received an E-visa online. Visa on arrival is no longer available at Nairobi JKIA airport

3.In addition you need to have a negative Covid-19 PCR test, and also fill out your details at the Kenya Government Ministry of Health online passenger surveillance form ( then save and print out the QR codes generated by the website.



How will i identify the office representative offering arrival meet greet assist service?

Our office representative will
have a sign printed your name or have a photo of yourself issued prior.
He or She will be awaiting for you at the entrance of arrival terminal.


Where will i meet the office representative?

This is what they will use to
identify you at the exit of aircraft bus for terminal 1E. For terminal
1A,our office rep will meet you at the entrance of the arrival terminal
after you exit the flight bridge.



Do you cater to passengers with special needs?

Yes, we do cater to passengers
with special needs are require extra attention and facilitation. This
may be such as, visually impaired and deaf passengers, passengers   with
restricted mobility in need of a wheelchair,expectant mothers, mothers
traveling with children, unaccompanied minors, passengers with reduced
mobility traveling as a group, passengers traveling with pets


Which Covid-19 measures are being observed for arrival meet greet assist service?

Passengers should have a negative a valid negative Covid-19 PCR test on arrival

Wearing of face masks are mandatory for all passengers.

Greetings to be done verbally, no contact whatsoever, and maintain a distance between each other.It is advisable to carry personal hand sanitizers.


 Can I get a COVID-19 test at Nairobi Airport?

At the moment there are no health centers within JKIA airport to test for Covid-19.However, there are over 10 centers in Nairobi county that run 24/7 and are available to all.



Can I get assisted to acquire a local sim card on arrival at JKIA Nairobi Airport?

Yes, you can get assisted to acquire a local sim card, kindly request the representative offering the service to direct you to the shops and get this processed. A passport is the main requirement for sim card registration  


Can I get assisted to acquire local Kenyan currency on arrival at JKIA Nairobi Airport?

Yes you can get assisted, kindly request the representative offering the service to direct you to the nearest Forex bureau depending on your arrival terminal


Can i book a porter service only to assist with my bags?

Yes we offer a separate porter
service to assist passengers traveling with large regular and irregular
bags on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Nairobi Airport.

Our porter will meet with you at
the conveyor belt, assist to claim your bags, assist to scan through
customs then safely assist to deliver bags to where your car is parked
or to your awaiting taxi/driver/family member outside the respective
arrival terminal

Is there a storage facility for bags at JKIA Nairobi airport?

Yes, there is, storage of bags on a short-term basis possible. Kindly write to us for further assistance on this.


If I lose my bags on arrival, can I get assisted to claim them?

Passengers who lose their bags for one reason on the other will be escorted to the airline handler’s office to file a claim. When bags have been found, the airline will communicate directly to the passenger to advise where to deliver them.


Which payment options are available for arrival meet greet assist service?

Payment can be done cash upon service completion or prior online via card.Please write to us on how to pay online 


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations for all bookings should be communicated 24hours prior.

For bookings that have been paid in advance, cancellations communicated less than 24hours prior will attract 10% of the booking fee. Refunds will be issued less 10% of the booking fee or a fee equivalent to cater for the transaction fee.

For bookings that are to be paid cash upon service completion, there are no cancellation fees charged whatsoever.

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