2 Primary Baggage Services at
JKIA Nairobi Airport

Passengers can book baggage services JKIA hence travel lighter with as many bags and enjoy the carefree pleasure of not having to carry and push your own bags.

Let our porters lighten your load by claiming it from baggage belt,arrange it on the trolley assist you to scan it through customs and safely port it to your car/waiting driver at the exit  of arrival terminal.

Who can book for Baggage services JKIA at Nairobi airport?

  • Any passenger who needs baggage services JKIA
  • Traveling with large irregular bags
  • Elderly or Senior citizens who cant lift heavy bags
  • Families or large tourism groups with many bags
  • Expectant mothers traveling with many bags
  • Having a tight connection/ transit window with many bags to re check in from one terminal to the next

Airport Baggage Service

  • Luggage Storage on Arrival
  • Luggage Storage on Transit

1.Book a Porter at NBO Airport

baggage services JKIA

Travel Lighter and Easier at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi with large number of bags has now become easier.
Book a professional porter to assist you to claim your bags at baggage claim on arrival, neatly arrange them on the trolley.
Proceed to screen your bags at customs then safely escort of arrival terminal.

Our porter will port your bags to where your car is parked or to your waiting driver.
Travel lighter and enjoy the hassle-free convenience of not having to carry your own baggage, let our porters lighten your load.

Plan Ahead, Utilize our portage services by booking baggage services JKIA at least 48hours prior to your arrival date, our porters are available to all passengers on Arrival, Departure, and flight transit and connection helping You on your way to or from Home.
Reservations for the porter passenger assistance services should be booked in advance for better planning.

Payment can be done in cash or through Card. Ask for an official receipt from our porter.

Trolleys are free of charge, they are provided at suitable locations at the airport. Baggage wrapping Available at the check-in areas of Terminal 1A and Terminal 2 only on departure and transit. It’s always best to ensure your bags are weighed before you have them wrapped, hence avoiding unnecessary delays at the check-in counter.

Who can book for porter baggage services JKIA at Nairobi Airport?

  • Any passenger who needs assistance with bags

  • Passenger traveling with Fragile items in bags

  • Special needs Passengers with many bags

  • Elderly or Senior citizens passengers traveling with heavy bags

  • Families or large tourism groups traveling with multiple bags

  • Expectant mothers with numerous bags

  • Having a tight flight connection or transit window with heavy bags, utilize baggage services JKIA

  • Departing with many bags

  • VIP, VVIP, CIP, and celebrities status persons

  • Tour Agents for their passengers with numerous bags

  • Passengers departing with delicate souvenir goods that needs wrapping and special handling

Porter Rate Card

  • 1 to 5 (Regular size bags)

2. Short Term Luggage Storage

2 Main Baggage Services

Passengers traveling at JKIA Nairobi Airport who need to store their  bags safely for short term periods can utilize this service.

Have your bags safely stored in our office airport, get issued with a baggage tag as proof and collect your luggage on departure conveniently.

This is ideal for passengers having a long layover and may need to visit Nairobi environs for a few hours before departure.

In addition to passengers on short Safari with many bags that opt to not travel with all their bags and need to store some can utilize this service.


  • Meet and greet outside arrival terminal with a sign printed your name
  • Upon identification get escorted with your bags to our luggage storage facility
  • Pay through Card and received invoice and luggage tag
  • Present your luggage tag to claim bag

Luggage Storage Rate Card

  • Regular size bags --- 10usd per pag per day
  • Irregular size bags --- 10usd per bag per day


T: (+254) 722 324 421
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Booking Manager


T: (+254) 737 470 276
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Service Manager