A Few Words About Us

  • Can I book a transfer to the airport?
  • Can I book a transfer if I’m not going to/from the airport?
  • Will anyone else be travelling in the vehicle I book?
  • I can’t select my address. What should I do?
  • My hotel is not listed, how can I specify the hotel that I’m going to?

Yes, just select 'To the airport' at the top of the search box on our website’s Homepage.

We may extend our range of service in the coming months but at the moment we only offer transfers to or from the airports featured on our website.

All our private transfers are exclusive so the vehicle will be reserved for your group only. However, in the case that you book a shuttle service, you will share the vehicle with other customers and there will be several stops.

On the first step of the booking process you need to select the destination. This is the name of the city, town or area within which your accommodation is located. At a later stage in the booking process you will be able to specify the full address. For shuttle services, please select the hotel you are going to in step three of the booking process. We only provide shuttle services to the hotels and apartments listed on the website. If you can’t find your hotel on the list, we can provide a private door-to-door transfer so that the driver can take you directly to your accommodation.

For private transfers, you do not need to select a hotel from the list. This is because the private transfers are a door-to-door service and will take you to the exact address that you specify in step three of the booking process. For shuttle services, we can drop you off at any of the current hotels listed. We include the shuttle stop address in booking confirmation.

Some of Your Questions

How will I find my driver when I arrive at the airport?

After collecting your luggage, enter into the main arrivals area hall. Your rep/driver will be nearby waiting for you holding a card with your name on it. In the unlikely event of your flight arrived earlier than expected please contact us.

How much luggage can I take?

Remember all transfers are private and are just for you and your party. If there are two people travelling then we should have no problem accommodating your luggage. If there are eight people then the minibus will be at full capacity and you will be a little bit more limited, therefore if this is the case we suggest a ratio of one case per traveler.

What is your cancellation policy?

If your pick-up time is before 8am, call before 5pm the night before. If your pick up time is after 8am, you can call up to 2 hours prior to your pick up time. We charge full fare for late cancels; and for no shows.

Can you offer even lower fares to large groups?

Yes. Check with your meeting planner/event planner to see if an account has been set-up. If you are the planner, contact our administrators and using our automated phone system go to Sales Department/Group Sales.

Where do I find the shuttle at the airport ?

The shuttle picks up at the Ground Transportation Center located directly across from baggage claim area on the lower level of the main terminal. We have a customer service representative who is ready to help you, located at our service desk in the Ground Transportation Center between the hours of 8am-11pm.